Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Queen of Hearts makeup tutorial (halloween)

Hello my lovelies so Im back again with another tutorial this one is a halloween tutorial, the first of many! 

This was my interpretation of the Queen of Hearts you could add blood etc if you wanted for halloween but this is for those who don't want to go out dripping in fake blood and looking like you've done 3 rounds with Mike Tyson. . . anywaaaays enjoy the video and let me know your feedback!



88 colour palette from Amazon - click here
The Balm Marylou-manizer  - click here
L'oreal infallible eyeshadow in 012 endless chocolat' - click here
Maybelline gel eyeliner - click here

F A C E 

Mac full coverage foundation (NC20) - click here
Maybelline coverstick (Ivory) - click here
Milani Baked Blush ( Luminoso) - click here

L I P S 

Mac lip pencil (redd) - click here
Limecrime velvetine (suede berry) -  click here

Earrings are from New Look.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Rihanna - The Monster makeup tutorial

Hey everyone, I'd really appreciate it if you would all go check out my new video please, thumbs up and all that jazz, you'd be helping me out no end, I really want to get my blog and Youtube out there so every view helps, have a great day and thank you :)

Rihanna monster video with the dark eyes and green lips, something different hope you enjoy it :)

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P r o d u c t  L i s t :

Smashbox pencil eyeliner (onyx)
 88 palette -  amazon
Maybelline eyestudio gel liner
Maybelline coverstick (ivory)
Ben Nye (banana)
Milani baked blush (luminoso)

Music :

Eminem ft Rihanna - The Monster
Eminem - Hello

Editing Software - imovie
Camera - Canon Eos 600D

Nicki Minaj 'Anaconda' makeup tutorial

Hey everyone, I'd really appreciate it if you would all go check out my new video please, thumbs up and all that jazz, you'd be helping me out no end, I really want to get my blog and Youtube out there so every view helps, have a great day and thank you :)

Hey guys so this is my interpretation of Nicki Minaj in her new music video 'Anaconda' I was following the technique of @nikkietutorials video but using mostly drugstore makeup. Hope you like it, thumbs up if you did :) have a great day everyone.

my blog -
nikkie's tutorial - click here

Products used:

SBC collagen + calendula gel
Garnier 5 sec prefect blur primer
Maybelline dream matte mouse (30 sand)
Maybelline coverstick (ivory)
Mac select sheer loose powder (nc20)
Ben Nye banana powder
Whitening&Lightening brow bar to go
Milani baked blush (luminoso)
Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade (blonde)
88 colour palette - Amazon
Maybelline eye studio duo (bronze gold)
The Balm maryloumanizer
Collection sparkle glitter gel liner (gold)
Maybelline gel liner
Jordana best last extreme volumising mascara


Sigma E35 tapered blending

Bamboo Set - brushes

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Camera - Canon Eos 600D
Editing Software - imovie

Music :
Beyonce - Drunk in Love ( Jr.Blender reggae remix)
The XX - Angels (Huglife remix)
Iggy Azalea - Walk a line

The 'Kylie Kenner' Look

Hey everyone, so first things first, sorry I've not been posting much I've had the worst trouble with my internet, its all fixed now so everything will be back to normal and posting regularly.

So this year Kylie Jenner has been circulating the media like wild fire, with those plump nude lips and stunning fashion sense, I have an outfit and lip colour that would get anyone feeling like Kylie.

Kylie Jenner's outfit when she went for lunch in Miami is a gorgeous pair of beige dungarees and gold pumps, teamed with a crisp white T underneath, this whole outfit you can find at

Dungarees -missguided
Crop top - misguided

I paired these cute as f**k dungarees with my Michael Kors bag and bracelet/cuff.
A pair of black pumps however if you want the whole Kylie Jenner shebang then you can pick up some gold heels from ASOS (gold) or for a cheaper version go for something more along these lines once again from ASOS (white) both pairs are stunning either way. 

To get those gorgeous, plump, sultry lips then go grab yourself Mac Cosmetics lip pencil in 'Whirl' this was supposedly THE lip colour everyone was raving about after seeing Kylie rocking it for summer 2014.

(my lips look a lot more pink toned then cool toned but trust me this is the colour.)

For a cheaper alternative try this Miss Sporty lip pencil, I don't own this colour however looking at swatches it does seem to be similar however I can't truly tell so Im sorry if you try it and its not the colour you are looking for.

That was my quick and easy way of getting the 'Kylie Jenner' look.
Lots of Love Els xo

Thursday, 11 September 2014

DAY 11 - 15sophausbeauty Challenge 'Skin Care Routine + Prodcuts'

Hello lovelies! 

So this is day 11 of the challenge and I'm coming at you with my skin care routine and what products I love to use . . .
Let me just say my skin care routine is always changing so this is just where I'm at now with my skin and whats working best  but I'm sure that it could change in the next few months due to the cold weather :)

This is all starting with a bare face, I'll have a get UN-ready with me post up soon explaining what I use to take my makeup off etc etc etc..

Products I use on a daily basis:

My Routine:

 My derma roller is something I usually forget to use however its the one and only product that performs the most magic on my skin!

If you don't know what a derma roller is then here you go..

A dermo roller is a hand held anti-ager, it's a roller with hundreds of 1.5 mm (depending on the size of the roller) titanium needles that when rolled across your face with a firm hand, pierces through the top layer of your skin, triggering your body to produce more collagen, if you don't already know what collagen is, collagen is a chemical in our bodies that plumps the skin and help grow your hair etc.. all in all collagen is what we want! 
Once the collagen is produced your skin is being rebuilt, revealing a plumper, softer, more even skin! 

 WARNING ! !  

DO NOT press too hard, people are often mistaken thinking that your skin needs to draw blood for the roller to work, this is a myth.
Such a huge myth that even salons have people who are supposedly trained in derma rolling, calling the treatment a 'Vampire Facial' who put WAAAY too much pressure on the skin, causing it to bleed and scab over during healing, this couldn't be more wrong, who wants to walk around with a big scabby face?! 

The needles are designed at this size to be able to hit the right point under your skin that will trigger the collagen flow, without loss of blood or severe pain.
The derma roller should cause a LITTLE redness, if it is too painful for you, apply less pressure.

Benefits of a Dermo Roller:
It treats . . .

  • Acne Scars
  • Cellulite
  • Sun Spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Black Heads
  • Stretch Marks
  • Hair Loss

 When using your dermo roller please do NOT forget to disinfect it before and after use, I just bought this really cheap antibac spray from amazon which works just fine, I spin the derma roller and whilst its going round I spray the antibac 2/3 times.

This step is crucial ! ! If you don't sterilise the roller, you could get skin infections or cause break outs, you wouldn't put a dirty needle in yourself at the doctors so don't do it now!


 After using my roller, I then apply my collagen gel (for extra assistance) all over my face.

Wait a couple minutes for that to settle into your skin and then apply Sudocrem on any blemishes you may have.

I have used sudocrem for years to treat my acne, I have realised that this is my holygrail skincare product because it dries out imperfections over night, its such a great product for acne and people always think that it won't work, READ THE LABEL GUYS! its for acne! Trust me this stuff really works honestly, I apply a thin layer morning + night.

For an added extra

 FACE MASKSSSS! who doesn't love a good face mask?! Honestly I think one of the secrets to having glowing, radiant skin is to do regular face masks, no matter what purpose the mask has on that particular day its always good to keep your skin hydrated and these Cleo Face Masks are perfect for this, I do my 'Home Made Turmeric Face Mask' (post up previously) then after I've washed that off i then go straight in with any one of these Cleo masks, this process leaves my skin glowing, soft, clear, clean and I can see the difference so much! As you can see from the images i only have 3 left, my favourite are the collagen ones.

I think having a face mask a week is a good start to clearing up your skin.
There are solo many masks nowadays all for different purposes, so its up to you to recognise what your skin needs and how to deal with that.

A face mask I STRONGLY recommend if you have troublesome skin is the Boscia Black Luminizing Mask, ( Boscia Mask HERE )it is on the pricey side unlike these Cleo ones, however its THE best mask I have ever used in my life, honestly after 2 masks my skin was clear, after years of having bad skin, truly amazing, however I can't afford to repurchase at this point in time, so these Cleo ones are a good alternative.

1st image, nothing on my face
2nd image, after Turmeric Face Mask (DIY)
3rd image, after Cleo Face Masks

-naturally bright lighting-
honestly works!!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

DAY 9 - 15sophausbeauty Challenge 'Least Favourite Product'

So day 9 my lovelies and Im back with my least fave product, to me this was an easy one and I don't want you guys to make the same mistake I did !

So this is the W7 cover stick concealer with tea tree oil, sounds nice doesn't it?

I purchased this as a contour shade as it stated this was the darkest shade (medium deep)

However in reality it arrived and is an almost perfect match to my skin tone for the purpose of this post and you understanding how ridiculous this product is I'm NC20 with Mac cosmetics foundations. So there was me expecting a very dark concealer considering the image that I saw of this shade was pretty dang dark to me.

I thought 'oh well!' I'll just use it as a regular concealer, nope not that either! This product is so greasy and clearly wax based as it literally stripped my foundation of my face after I applied this product. It oxidises to a nasty dirty colour that I can't use as concealer or contour.

Really not impressed with this product, it was very cheap but I guess you get what you pay for. Wouldn't even waste the couple quid that it cost, if that.

Lots of love Els x

Monday, 8 September 2014

DAY 8 - 15sophausbeauty Challenge 'Best Drugstore Product'

Hey everyone, so this is day 8 - my favourite drugstore product has to be . . . 

I've tried Smashbox, Mac Cosmetics, Gosh, YSL ... any primer you can think of and yet I always come back to this beauty!

The Garnier 5 sec perfect blur primer glides on so smoothly, leaves my skin looking silky soft and minimising my pores amazingly! If I wake up and don't really want to wear any makeup but don't want my skin looking like a hot mess I'll just moisturise and apply some of this miracle stuff and I'm happy to walk out my front door knowing my skin looks fresh and smooth. 

I'm very happy with this drugstore product and I know it works best for my skin, maybe one day I'll find another holy grail primer but for now this is doing the job perfectly!

My makeup looks so much better and lasts so much longer with this primer, I know that is the job of every primer however not every primer leave a very good finish to my make up, unlike this one that I know will leave my makeup looking flawless.

Definitely worth a try, let me know how you feel about this primer, and if you have any other suggestions that you think work the best for you, so I can give that a try.

Happy Monday everyone 
Love Els x